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Stud 100 prevents premature ejaculation

STUD 100® helps to reduce sensitivity on the male genital area, and as a result helps prevent premature ejaculation. When used correctly, STUD 100® helps to achieve satisfying results for both the user and their partner.

Stud 100-sold to million customers

STUD 100® has earned a global reputation for itself, having sold millions to many repeat customers. The numbers speak for themselves, STUD 100® has proven to be one of the most trusted delay sprays for men for over 5 decades.

Stud 100 is easy to apply - spray

Applying STUD 100® is easy! Simply spray the head and shaft of the penis and wait the recommended timeframe of 15-20 minutes.

BMS Enterprises is authorized importer in Canada

STUD 100® has been the best-selling desensitizing spray in Canada for over 50 years, assisting sophisticated men across the globe.  STUD 100® works to reduce sensitivity, helping to prevent premature ejaculation, allowing men to take control and perform with more confidence.  Sex isn’t one sided, the best experiences are shared experiences.  STUD 100® helps to give you the results that make your partner happier.  And when they're happy, you’re happy.

Premature ejaculation can occur when a man is overstimulated and reaches orgasm too quickly and without control, often by surprise.  When PE occurs, it can be embarrassing for both parties involved but it happens to as many as one in five men at some point in their life.  STUD 100® uses Lidocaine, a numbing agent, to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, delaying the orgasm so that men can last longer, maintaining control of their orgasm.  Enhance your endurance with this topical spray the next time you want to go the distance.

BMS Enterprises is proud to have been the sole authorized importer of STUD 100® in Canada since 1990, supplying retailers with the same, consistent product that men have come to rely on.  Since then, the product has practically sold itself as a man’s best kept secret, improving the sex lives of millions, coast to coast.

The majority of STUD 100® customers are repeat buyers who continue to come back for more due to the reliability and effectiveness of the product.  They know that when they apply the spray, they are in charge of when playtime is over.  They know they will last longer allowing them to perform better.  You can feel good about getting the same beneficial results every time you use STUD 100® because thousands of other men trust the product to perform at the highest level so they can too.

Ever since the early 1990s, when BMS Enterprises began as the exclusive importer of STUD 100®, men have been using the spray to extend their stamina and help their pleasure in the bedroom last longer.  Customers aren’t the only ones who wear a smile after STUD 100® performs, their partners also grin from ear to ear at the longer lasting experience they get to have.  We are proud to give our customers a great product that they can trust and believe in, because we know how important performance can be!

STUD 100® is a man’s best kept secret as we ship it to you in discreet packaging.  We know that privacy can be important to our customers, so we make sure not to include our company name on the parcel or shipping label.

STUD 100® is produced in the UK by Pound International, meeting the highest production standards and passing the most rigorous tests.  From there, BMS Enterprises imports STUD 100® into Canada where more tests are performed to meet the strict guidelines set out by Health Canada, so that the product can be sold safely to customers.  STUD 100® contains Lidocaine, so it has a registered DIN (Drug Identification Number) so that it can be imported to and sold in Canada.  BMS takes every precaution to make sure every customer gets a safe and reliable product that really works!