We have carefully chosen our retail partner.

We are proud to offer you STUD 100® and have carefully chosen our retail partner who has been selling it since the late 1980's.


We know how important your health is and we take it very seriously. Our retailer receive STUD 100® through BMS Enterprises who is the exclusive and trusted distributor of authentic STUD 100® in Canada.


STUD 100® is tested for quality multiple times.

There are countless other products out there that claim to do the same thing. The scary fact is that many of them are not approved or even monitored by government health & safety regulations - at all. STUD 100® is one of the few brands that is meticulously shipped, stored and sold in a safe environment.


It is not an easy task to carry a product like this while complying with Health Canada’s strict storage regulations. However, we can assure that every batch of STUD 100® is tested for quality multiple times; both in England where it is produced, and as well in Canada.


STUD 100® has been the #1 choice in delay sprays for men for over 50 years.

Millions of satisfied customers can't be wrong. Most of them are returning customers which is the best compliment a company can receive from its users.


STUD 100® has been the #1 choice in delay sprays for men for over 50 years.


It is formulated and produced in a clean facility in the United Kingdom - not in some unknown factory half way around the world.


Join the countless men & their extremely satisfied partners who swear by STUD 100®'s long-lasting strength and the power & confidence they gain from it.


How Do I Know My STUD 100® Is Real?

Know the Difference!

(For Your Own Safety)

Fake or Real

Authentic Stud 100® packaging will feature French translations, whereas the fake will not.


Bottle Differences

The counterfeit bottle (left) generally uses a completely different design based on the old bottle artwork. The differences are pretty clear from the real bottle (right). Pay attention to the logo, layout of the information and the lack of a DIN number.


LOT Number & Expiry Date on the Package

The counterfeit packaging (top) may also list a LOT number and expiry date, although it is also usually just printed on the box... which is useless. The real process involves punching each individual box with a LOT number and expiry date that will match the can inside it. The real box is on the bottom.


Packaging Differences - 02

The wording is also different and lists different ingredients. Notice the real Stud 100® packaging on the right compared to the counterfeit one on the left. The real Stud 100® features more ingredients than the counterfeit one.


Drug Identification #

The packaging and the can will have a matching DIN (Drug Identification Number). If they do not match, or either the can, box, or both do not have a DIN, it is most likely a counterfeit item or has been illegally smuggled into Canada.


The Spray Nozzle & Gold Coloured Neck

1) The spray nozzle on the counterfeit Stud 100® (left) is dirty and cheap. It does not produce and even spray. The real Stud 100® (right) features a metered spray nozzle which produces the correct amount of spray per pump. This is important for efficacy and consistency.


2) The gold neck on the fake bottle (left) is more yellow than the real bottle (on the right). Counterfeit bottles are also sealed using a different method which may cause leaking of the product.

LOT Number & Expiry Date on the Product

Counterfeit bottles like the one on the left may not have a LOT number and expiry date punched on to the surface of the can like the real one on the right. If they do have a LOT and expiry date, it has most likely been printed on to the can which means every can they produce would have a fake LOT and expiry which serves no purpose for your safety. This LOT number is an assurance to you that Stud 100® is made in strict conditions and marked accordingly with each batch produced.


Packaging Differences - 01

The counterfeit packaging is generally the closest to the real and the differences are hard to spot at first. If you look closely enough, it becomes easy to spot.


It's difficult to see here, but currently, the real boxes have a matte (non-shiny) finish on them and are made of a much more sturdy and well-cut cardboard (right). The counterfeit boxes are printed on cheap, high-gloss packaging and often feature blurry pictures as they're essentially photocopied versions of the real box.


The Signature

Gold Cap

At this time, all official STUD 100® stock in Canada is sold with a gold coloured cap. If you buy STUD 100® without this gold cap, it is most likely a counterfeit item or has been illegally smuggled into Canada.


Why Does This Matter?


Things to look for in authentic STUD 100® 

sold in Canada:

  • Gold cap with stamped STUD 100® logo

  • Valid & matching DIN on both the box and bottle

  • A stamped LOT# and DATE will be on the top flap of the box



Stud 100® is sold through our trusted & secure partner site,

Aren't We Naughty and other fine retailers.