"STUD 100®" Frequently Asked Questions


Does "STUD 100®" actually do anything?

Absolutely! "STUD 100®" has been sold around the world for over 50 years. Millions of satisfied customers says a lot about a brand, and "STUD 100®" has them! The active ingredient in "STUD 100®" is Lidocaine, which is a safe and commonly used topical anesthetic. Special clinically controlled studies have definitively demonstrated that "STUD 100®" effectively delays ejaculation when used correctly.


Is "STUD 100®" approved by leading health authorities?

Yes. "STUD 100®" is a licensed pharmaceutical and is available as an OTC without a prescription or medical consultation. "STUD 100®" has been rated safe and effective for its intended use by Health Canada. It is shipped and stored to the stricted government regulations and is routinely inspected by Health Canada on a regular basis for safety and product quality.


How do I know if my "STUD 100®" is real? Why should I care? 

That's a great question. Sure, you may find a cheaper version of "STUD 100®" in a little shop or on the internet somewhere, but there a few things you need to do to protect yourself. You only have one penis, and you shouldn't spray anything on it without trusting that it's safe.


We are the ONLY company authorized to import "STUD 100®" into Canada, and we take that job very seriously. 


  • We import all "STUD 100®" into Canada from Pound International in the United Kingdom. They are the exclusive producers and creators of "STUD 100®".

  • From the manufacturer, "STUD 100®" is transported in a temperature controlled container. To remain potent and effective, "STUD 100®" must be kept in a certain temperature range.

  • We pay Health Canada thousands of Dollars per year in fees and licensing to be able to import "STUD 100®", as it is treated as a regulated drug.

  • Once we receive the product here in Canada, a sample from every single shipment is sent to an independent lab for testing. This ensures the integrity of every bottle for safety and stability.

  • All "STUD 100®" is stored in our temperature controlled warehouse facility until it is shipped to the customer.


The bottom line is that you want a product that you know is safe and effective.


How do I use "STUD 100®"?

It really couldn't be simpler! Just apply a minimum of 3 sprays as this is generally enough for most men (be sure not to exceed 10). Apply to the head and shaft of the penis about 10-20 minutes before intercourse, or use as directed by a doctor. After intercourse, just wash it off. The correct quantity and application time will be determined by your personal requirements, but you should always use the minimum effective quantity. Each 12g (7/16 fl.oz.) spray can contains enough "STUD 100®" for about 120 sprays - or 40 intercourse sessions (assuming 3 sprays per use).


What’s the difference between "STUD 100®" and Viagra?

Both "STUD 100®" & Viagra are products that help to enhance your sexual experience. However, they do it in different ways. Viagra is a medication that helps you to produce an erection. "STUD 100®" does not produce erections, rather it helps you to maintain them by delaying ejaculation, ensuring longer-lasting sex.


Is "STUD 100®" safe for women?

Definitely! Special clinical tests have shown that there aren't any actual harmful effects on the vulva or the vagina. However, as with ALL delay sprays, you should not use it if your partner is pregnant or if you suspect them to be.


Can "STUD 100®" be used with condoms?

"STUD 100®" has been extensively tested for use with leading brand latex condoms and meets the BSI (Brief Symptom Inventory) Test Protocol.


Is it safe to use for oral sex?

Yes it is! All you need to remember is to apply it well in advance and use the minimum number of necessary metered sprays. Before oral play, wipe off any remains of the product from the penis after completing the 10 - 20 minutes of waiting time to alleviate any possible oral numbing.


Is "STUD 100®" environmentally friendly?

Yes. "STUD 100®" uses a pump-action spray. It does not contain any ozone harming CFCs.


Is shipping discreet?

We've Got You Covered!

Stud 100® offers 100% discreet shipping & packaging for your comfort and privacy.

Our company name will not appear on the parcel or shipping label, and we ship all our orders in discreet, plain boxes or bubble envelopes.


Who do I contact if I have a question about the safety or efficacy of "STUD 100®", or to report an adverse event?

You may use the following contact information for these purposes:



BMS Enterprises - A Division of 1066259 Ontario Ltd.

(905) 793-6400

1-(800) 563-366




(971) 255-1185


United Kingdom: 

44 (0)20-7935-3735


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