Trusted by men & their partners around the world for over 50 years.

Good to know

  • ​STUD 100® does not need to be taken daily and can be used as often as needed

  • STUD 100® features a controlled dosage for the right amount every time

  • STUD 100® is a topical anesthetic and does not require you to have a prescription

  • When used correctly, STUD 100® will not transfer to your partner

  • ​Does Desensitizing Spray work? View our STUD 100® reviews page to see what shoppers are saying

  • ​STUD 100® is the "male enhancement" product to have

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Product Description

Stud 100® has been the #1 delay spray for men for over 50 years. We are proud to offer you authentic Stud 100® in Canada. Get ready for longer-lasting pleasure!

Stud 100® is the world-famous delay spray for men that has proven itself for 50 years and is sold in over 75 countries.


Stud 100® helps to reduce sensitivity and delay ejaculation giving you a climax control that you can be proud of. Now you and your partner can both enjoy sex without worrying about it being over before it’s even begun.


Stud 100® is a mild anesthetic that is sprayed onto the penis 10-20 minutes before intercourse. Clinical trials have proven that it is quick-acting, safe, and effective – and you don’t need a prescription or medical consultation.


Stud 100® is easy to use and works quickly.


Long-lasting power for men - maximum pleasure for

both partners!



Main Information

If you are looking for the delay spray for men that works, buy Stud 100® - male genital desensitizer is all you need! Stud 100® fights against premature ejaculation so that you are able to last longer in bed and as a result, have better sex.

It has undergone numerous clinical trials, is the bestselling delay spray in the adult market and has been for years. Its effectiveness comes from its active ingredient called Lidocaine, the quality of which needs to be maintained throughout its

5-year shelf life - we make sure of it.

Put an end to sexual dysfunction and improve sexual stamina by simply spraying Stud 100® 

onto the bottom of your penis and be amazed by how much longer you are able to last! Quick, affordable and fast-acting, this is a must-have product for those who want more quality time in the bedroom!

We are the ONLY company authorized to import "STUD 100®" into Canada, and we take that job very seriously.

The bottom line is that you want a product that you know is safe and effective.

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