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Is STUD 100® right for you? Premature ejaculation happens when a man reaches orgasm without much control. It may occur before or after beginning foreplay or intercourse. STUD 100® is here to reclaim that control and help you to become the stud you were always meant to be, as it has helped so many others.

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STUD 100®’s effectiveness comes from an active ingredient, Lidocaine, which is a safe and commonly used topical anesthetic. Only the best for the best.


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While many companies have tried to make the same product as STUD 100, the truth is, they just can’t compare. We have created a comparison chart between our product and our current competitors to show you exactly what we mean by that:

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Trusted by men and their

partners around the world

for over 50 years.



A man's best kept secret...

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When used correctly, Stud 100® will not transfer to your partner

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Stud 100® is manufactured to medicinal standard in a certified UK factory, and has been granted approval for sale in Canada well over 30 years ago

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Most of Stud 100® sales are from repeat users

BMS Enterprises -sole-authorized importer in canada

BMS Enterprises is the only authorized importer of STUD 100®  in Canada. We have sold authentic STUD  100® since 1983 and have been the Health Canada

.Importer since 1990  

Stud 100 prevents premature ejaculation. Trusted by men

STUD 100® helps to reduce sensitivity on the male genital area, and as a result helps prevent premature ejaculation. When used correctly, STUD 100® helps to achieve satisfying results for both the user and their partner.

authentic stud 100-sold millions

STUD 100® has earned a global reputation for itself, having sold millions to many repeat customers. The numbers speak for themselves, STUD 100® has proven to be one of the most trusted delay sprays for men for over 5 decades.

Easy Apply - Stud 100

Applying STUD 100® is easy! Simply spray the head and shaft of the penis and wait the recommended timeframe of 15-20 minutes.

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Save yourself from embarrassment and join the millions who have tried and trust STUD 100®.  Quick, affordable, and fast-acting, this is a must-have product for quality time in – or out – of the bedroom.

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